About Hannah Day

Artist Hannah Day in red room in Atlanta Georgia

Hannah has been an artist for as long as she can remember. Growing up her father sang country music in both inspirational and secular genres, because of this, she and her family were on the road most of her life. This set the stage for her to think outside of the box and build a style all of her own in her artwork with elements and inspiration from across the globe.

"Some of my earliest memories were turning coloring books to the flyleaf pages and using my crayons to draw on the blank pages. My great-grandmother was an artist and she encouraged all of us to draw and paint, but I really think my sister and I absorbed this encouragement the most." -Hannah (Voyage ATL)

Hannah currently resides in Atlanta with her husband William Twitty (a photographer) and their two cats Leoben and Juniper.

Showcasing artwork, and painting are two of Hannah's greatest joys in life along with performing on stage as a singer. Hannah has been the frontwoman for the band "The Bigger Issues" (from 2015 - 2017) as well as a member of her family's reunion band "The Days" (from 2016 - 2019).

Hannah Day on stage singing with family band The Days

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