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Hannah Day (2)

A Tale of Fallen Elm and Scorched Ash

When Gunvald, the fierce war chief of Hammerfel, returns from the summer raids, he is met with a nightmare. His home lies in ruins, his tribe slaughtered by foreign invaders, and his beloved wife reduced to ashes by a captive dragon. Fueled by grief and rage, Gunvald vows vengeance. He and his loyal crew set out on a perilous mission, only to discover that their enemy, the mighty Wexian army, has ravaged other towns and tribes, leaving no survivors.

At the brink of despair, Gunvald faces a fateful decision: surrender or embark on a seemingly suicidal quest for revenge. It is then that they encounter Balti, a half-elf escapee from the enchanted island forest of Alfheim. Balti’s homeland, too, has fallen under the Wexian army's brutal grip. Desperate to liberate his people, Balti shares a legend of a fallen elf queen and a mystical weapon powerful enough to slay the dragon and repel the invaders.

Driven by hope and the promise of redemption, Gunvald and Balti join forces. Their journey to the tomb of the fallen queen will test their courage and reveal ancient secrets. Together, they seek the enchanted weapon that could turn the tide of war and reclaim their homes.

Hannah Day (4)

The Usurper Queen

In the heart of Fjord's Hold, King Sigmund Trollfeller's dynasty teeters on the brink of collapse. The kingdom watches in suspense as Indunna, the king’s eldest daughter, witnesses her family being shattered and scattered across Leifthasir, abandoned by the very crown that should protect them.

With no son to claim the throne, Sigmund's desperate attempts to secure his legacy through the marriages of his seven daughters seem futile. But Sigmund is not a king who fades quietly. Determined to etch his name in history, he resorts to ruthless tactics to secure an heir.

When an illegitimate son is born, Indunna and her sisters face exile, banished from the royal court and their home. But Indunna is no mere pawn. In the rugged lands of Hammerfel, she harnesses her skills in politics and swordplay, rallying an army to challenge the king’s forces.

The Characters

The Cast of A Tale of Fallen Elf and Scorched Ash



Age: 38
Home: Hammerfel

Background: Gunvald, the esteemed war chief of Hammerfel, is a figure of quiet strength and unwavering resolve. Renowned for his strategic mind and even-tempered nature, Gunvald's leadership is marked by thoughtful consideration of all angles before making any move. His noble character has earned him the respect and loyalty of his crew and the admiration of his people.

Recently returned from the summer raids, Gunvald's world is shattered when he discovers his home in ruins. The foreign invaders, wielding the terrifying power of a captive dragon, have decimated his tribe and reduced his beloved wife to ashes. The once-vibrant halls of Hammerfel now echo with silence and loss.

Driven by a burning desire for revenge, Gunvald rallies his crew to strike back against the invaders. However, his mission reveals a grim reality: other towns and tribes have also fallen to the relentless might of the Wexian army, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Gunvald's determination does not waver. His journey is fueled not only by vengeance but also by deep-seated remorse. During the long winters at home, he often found himself longing for the thrill of raids and exploration, even though he cherished his time with his wife. This quiet guilt now drives him to honor her memory and defend the land they once dreamed of exploring together.

Gunvald's path is fraught with peril, but his noble spirit and unwavering commitment to justice make him a beacon of hope in these dark times. His story is one of love, loss, and the relentless pursuit of redemption in the face of unimaginable adversity.


The Cast of The Usurper Queen



Age: 32
Home: Fjord's Hold

Background: Coming Soon


The World of Leifthasir

immersive world inspired by the deep mythology and storied history of Norse culture. The realm began as a childhood narrative, centered around the figure of Anya and her companions, and has since evolved into a multifaceted narrative spanning generations of captivating characters and intricate tales.

In Leifthasir, the echoes of ancient gods and mythical legends are woven into the fabric of everyday life. The landscape is diverse and awe-inspiring, from the towering fjords and dense, forests to the vast, treacherous seas. Each region holds its own mysteries and magic, steeped in the lore of a time when gods walked the earth and legends were born.

The capital city of Fjord's Hold, once the stronghold of Gunvald the Unifier, stands as a testament to the kingdom's former glory. Here, politics and power struggles shape the destinies of its inhabitants, with a lineage of rulers who grapple with the weight of their legacy. Amidst the king's halls and ancient structures, the city's pulse beats with the ambitions and dreams of its people.

In the mystical forest of Alfheim, the elven kingdom flourished under the guardianship of Queen Anya and Prince Rathuell. Entrusted by the god Freyr, they ruled with wisdom and grace until the Wexian invasion shattered their peace. The forest, now a place of both beauty and sorrow, holds the secrets of the past and the hope for future redemption.

The sea is a lifeline and a battlefield for the people of Leifthasir. Crews of Vikes navigate these waters, their lives intertwined with the rhythms of the tides and the call of adventure. Their journeys are marked by raids, battles, and quests when the summer waters are safe from ice and storms.

Even for those who do not believe magic permeates the land, from the predictions of the future told by Völva priestesses to the magic of the elder races from long ago.



Each race in Leifthasir brings its unique strengths, culture, and history to the rich tapestry of this world. Their interactions, alliances, and conflicts drive the epic narratives that unfold, creating a vibrant and dynamic setting inspired by the depths of Norse mythology.


The human societies of Leifthasir are modeled after Viking culture, known for their seafaring prowess, warrior spirit, and complex social structures. At the heart of their society is the concept of loyalty and honor, with communities organized into clans led by chieftains, all united under one king. The capital, Fjord's Hold, is a bustling hub where political intrigue, trade, and martial prowess converge. Warriors are revered, and their tales of valor and adventure are passed down through generations. Humans are resilient and resourceful, always striving to protect their homes and families from external threats.

Dark Elves
The Gods